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VM-headshotMy name is Vimala Murali. Allow me to tell you my story. I promise it will be relevant.

I began life in a traditional, conservative Asian Indian community in South India, where boys were considered superior to girls. A female relative told me that when I was born she cried because I would have to suffer life being a female.  Some programming, huh……..

Anyway, my parents had a son later which made everyone happy. Soon I became my brother’s primary caregiver when my mom went to work. When I was 13, my family moved to Dubai. Even at a young age, I learned about managing change and managing responsibility.

Amidst all this, I studied very hard and graduated as top student in my school, and tried to be the “perfect” daughter, student, friend and perfect anything else I could think of. Perhaps this was my way of trying to win my family’s approval.

When I was 19, my parents arranged my marriage to a Singaporean whom I met only once. I got married and moved to Singapore, where I had no friends or family (except my husband and my in-laws who were all new to me anyway).

Marriage, given that I was so young and with a partner I did not know at all, brought a lot of challenges.

I wanted to study further, so I worked hard as a part-time student and part-time homemaker and got professional accounting qualifications, and graduated as top student (with a Gold Medal to boot).

14 years in the accounting profession in multinational corporations (with 2 children in between) gave me much worldly success and accomplishment. I was very happy managing challenges and earned myself the reputation as a “quick thinker”, “problem-solver” and “trouble shooter”. Though I came from another country and belonged to a minority ethnic race, I was on the fast track and moved up the corporate ladder pretty quickly.

Such worldly success brought with it huge amounts of stress. I hardly saw my children and even when I did spend time with them it was about “homework”.

Looking back I realize that I had become very rigid, very hard-nosed, focused only on deadlines and results. I did not have much compassion or consideration for anyone who could not perform at my level.  I had no time for friends or fun in my life. I actually thought people who spent their time having fun were “lazy”.

Through all this, my heart kept nudging that something was wrong and that I had to slow down and smell the roses. (What roses, I said to myself – I had even forgotten what roses looked like……).

My body was also giving me messages as my health got worse but I popped many pills and carried on.

I refused to listen to the messages I was getting for fear of losing everything I had worked so hard for – position, money, success (or what I then thought was Success).

It took an extremely traumatic personal event to make me stop and review my life.  What happened brought extreme loss, grief, betrayal and humiliation.

To cut a long story short, I left the corporate world knowing that I wasn’t going back, and that whatever I did in future would be about helping people and living my life with congruence and integrity. I went on to study and practise natural healing with homeopathic and flower remedies.

My life and my work as a natural wellness consultant has shown me that unresolved emotional and mental stress lies at the root of most chronic physical diseases.  To enjoy great health, we have to manage stress as it arises and not let it fester as I did……..…

And we don’t have to struggle to do this. Contact Me to learn how you can let go of the struggle.

Nature has provided many wonderfully healing, effective and safe remedies for managing stress. Sign up below to get my f.r-e_e ebook that will introduce you to these remedies and show you how to use them easily right at home.

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"Flower Power for Women's Emotional Wellness"

I am on a mission to bring the knowledge of these wonderful remedies to people all over the world so that they can heal themselves and their loved ones right at home. I call this mission “Healer in your home”. For more information on this and my other offerings, click here.

I have overcome many obstacles and gone through some really awful stuff in my life. One extremely traumatic experience turned my life upside down, inside out. I didn’t like what I was going through, but adopting a “never-say-die” attitude and “what can I learn from this?” approach helped me to come out stronger from each experience.

This has been the key to my life I think, the “never-say-die” attitude and “what can I learn from this?” approach.

I want to you to know in your heart that YOU hold the power to make your life better. I really want to help you connect with that immense power, let go of emotional pain and stress and start living the life of your dreams, no matter how big your dreams are or what challenges are present in your life.

Allow me to take you on this exciting journey to YOUR inner power.

Contact Me today for a free session on how we can move your life forward.

Speak to you soon.



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