I am committed to your success and continually strive to provide the best coaching service, programs and products that I can.

I am a fan of Tony Robbins’ philosophy  “CANI”  – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. Every day, I work on learning something new or improving myself in some way.

What this means for you is – a coach who is not stuck in one way of thinking, who is open to learning and adapting, and who can help you process changes much faster.

Powerful YouI truly believe in YOUR inner power and see you as completely whole & resourceful, and want to work with you to co-create the life of your dreams.

What I bring to the Coaching Relationship is a “never-say-die” attitude, total commitment to your success, and an ability to keep looking for solutions that are workable for you.

Contact Me for a completely f-r.e.e, no-strings-attached trial coaching session.


Key features of my coaching that can help you achieve powerful results are:

Completely Customised solutions – While I will work within certain Coaching framework and guidelines, we will work together to customise every solution to what works for you. Coaching is about YOU, not about me. While I may offer suggestions, ideas or solutions, YOU will decide whether to adopt, adapt or throw them out.

Solution Focus – We will always be focused on solutions and not spend our time on analysing past issues, failures, details and the drama of “problems”. We will keep the focus on what you want and need, and work towards developing strategic thinking and solutions.

Suits your convenience – I offer in-person coaching as well as coaching via the telephone, Skype or other suitable method. I also offer email support or short catch-up calls (at no charge) between coaching sessions when you sign up for a package.

Develop your thinking – while we work together to achieve your goals, we will also be working on developing your own thinking, help you see your life and your issues differently, let go of disempowering beliefs so that you can continue to benefit from the new way of thinking even after the Coaching sessions have ended.

Complete Confidentiality – all things that we discuss including any of your problems, challenges, ideas, etc will be kept confidential by me unless required by Court Order. This means that you have a safe and comfortable place to discuss your issues without worrying about what might get divulged to others.

It’s about YOU – I am not here to lecture you, scold you, tell you what to do or impose my views on you. I will always take into account what you want, provide you with a safe, conducive space that supports your growth and inspires you to move beyond your fears and frustrations to the life you want.

Optional blending of Coaching with Healing Remedies – with my background in natural healthcare therapies such as Homeopathy & Flower Remedies, I have a deep understanding of how negative emotions affect our lives. I am able to blend professional coaching techniques with natural healing remedies to help clients move past emotional pain and blocks that prevent them living life at full capacity. This is offered to you optionally and you can choose whether or not you want to use them.

If you’d like to talk more about this, check me out or get a taste of coaching, Contact Me for a no-cost, no-srings-attached session today.

What are your goals?

Perhaps you want to

  • let go of stress and feel more centred
  • achieve better health
  • enjoy better relationships
  • balance work & personal life
  • connect with your passion & purpose
  • move beyond the gnawing feeling that life could & should be better

If you’re ready to move beyond your blocks and obstacles and actually attain those goals, it’s time we meet.

Let me take you on this exciting journey to your inner power and the life of your dreams.

Contact me today to set up a no-obligation, no-cost, no-strings-attached coaching session. I promise that you will gain great clarity and direction from this one session alone.

If you engage me as your Coach, I will work with you over 3 to 6 months to achieve three exciting and inspiring goals (and 7 smaller goals if you feel like it) that we develop together.

I promise that you will be surprised with how far you go in just 3 to 6 months.

To see what benefits my clients have gained from working with me, please click here.

To your inner power….


“Vimala Murali is a highly intelligent and transformational life, career, and business coach, as well as an accomplished homeopathic practitioner. I had the privilege of experiencing Vimala as a guest speaker on my Your Path to Success telesummit series. She spoke eloquently about managing stress in today’s world.

Vimala has a wealth of knowledge from her corporate career history and  her deep level of caring about people in her coaching role and homeopathic medicine practice comes across clearly in her presentations. I hung on every word as I interviewed her and I was taking notes, too.

If you want to be able to manage stress effectively and pursue your life’s dreams, Vimala Murali is a terrific resource. I encourage you to get her ebooks, try her services, and sign up for her blog ( You will be getting top notch information from a highly skilled coach.”

~~ Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL

Life Coach and Author

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