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I see so many emotional issues in people I come across. From stress-related issues to depression to relationship issues to parenting issues to inability to let go of the past to procrastination to being held back by fear and anxiety, the list is endless.

Not dealing with their emotional issue properly or fully leads to more stress and more dissatisfaction, frustration and unhappiness.

So I asked myself –  How can I reach out to more people and show them they don’t have to struggle with emotional issues, and that simple, easy, natural solutions like the Bach Flower Remedies can help tremendously?

The ideas came……

  1. give free awareness talks for people to know such remedies exist and how they can help – if you’d like to know when I will be giving the next free talk in Singapore, please send an email to info {at} – please replace the {at} with @ or look for updates here. 
  2. teach people to become familiar with these remedies and learn how to use them at home
  3. teach people that emotional healing is not a luxury but absolutely essential for their success and happiness
  4. show people that they have the power to choose their own emotional healing

So, I got working.  The project took a long time and took birth some time ago.  Then it went through some growing pains and has finally rebirthed itself more powerfully.

Now that I had my workshop ready, I wondered how to let people know about it.

I am not a marketing person, so I prayed for someone to come into my life who would help me create awareness of the work I do and market my programmes. This took quite a while.

A chance conversation with an old acquaintance lead to me teaming up with a health and wellness company that would promote my workshops and classes.

Before I go into the details about the upcoming workshop, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself so you can see why it would be worth you time to learn from me.

Why should you learn from me?

I have been a Flower Remedies Practitioner for over 5 years using the remedies for myself, my family, friends and clients for over 5 years, and gotten excellent results. I have helped busy people go from “Stressed & Struggling” to “Successful & Satisfied” with flower remedies and other simple, natural solutions.

My clients have ranged from corporate executives to homemakers, students and busy moms, young and old alike. My students have ranged from lawyers, accountants, medical doctors, yoga teachers, osteopaths, naturopaths, home makers, high school students, both Singaporeans and foreigners.

For a few years, I was also teaching Bach Flower courses at my alma mater. I was voted “Best Teacher” by my students.

But what I am MOST proud of is having helped people just like you, to release their fears and anxiety, overcome depression and take action, let go of tension, learn from the past & let it go, to believe in themselves, to get better exam results, to understand their own emotions and let go of negative ones, to take their lives to a different level.

I have distilled my learnings and experiences and put together this 2 day workshop.

In this workshop, I help participants identify their stress levels, understand their own negative or toxic emotions, learn how to break the stress cycle, learn to use the Bach Flower Remedies to manage stress and clear emotional issues, for themselves and for their family.

Welcome to

“Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life”

with Flower Remedies

I created this 2 day workshop to help anyone who truly wants to let go of stress, release unwanted negative thoughts, heal emotional pain quickly and safely, in as short time as possible.  Even if they have no knowledge of psychology, psychiatry or healthcare.

           What will be covered in the 2 days

  • Stress, its Impact on Your Health, identifying Your Stressors
  • History of Bach Flower Remedies
  • Dr Edward Bach & his philosophy on Health & Disease
  • 7  categories of Flower Remedies, 38 individual remedy indications,      interspersed with anecdotes, activities, case studies
  • Practical  Aspects to using the remedies in your life
  • Tips, Techniques & Strategies
  • Q&A

But that’s not all.

My workshop gives you all the information you need to start using Bach Flower Remedies at home, in one place, ready to be put into action.  And I share the secrets I use in treating myself, my family and my clients.

Secrets like…

  • How to become aware of what is really going on with yourself or the one you want to give remedies to
  • How to avoid the common mistake when you start treating yourself or anyone else.
  • What to do if your well-selected remedies are not giving results
  • How to evaluate and assess changes, and do proper follow-up
  • Specific strategies for dealing with long-term  issues
  • How to change others
  • How to talk to the sceptics and naysayers in your family and friends
  • Questions you must ask to get crystal clear about choosing particular remedies for yourself or for others

In this workshop, you can learn to use Bach Flower Remedies to:

  • De-stress daily quickly and easily
  • Let go of emotional baggage (garbage!!)
  • Heal relationships with your partner, spouse, friends, family
  • Gain clarity and confidence to make life and career decisions
  • Stop procrastinating & Start taking  action
  • Increase Work Success
  • Increase Self-Confidence (the #1 trait  of ALL successful people)
  • Increase Self-Awareness
  • Be Calm & Peaceful even when Life  gets difficult
  • Develop Inner Resilience & Emotional Strength
  • Free Yourself and Live a Fulfilling  Life.

Here’s what you get when you join my workshop

  • I  give you a thorough working knowledge and understanding  of Bach Flower Remedies in the shortest possible time, in a fun and  engaging way. 


  • My workshop is more than just a course on Bach Flower Remedies. My refreshingly  new approach incorporates tools to help you take stock of your life,  identify your stressors, learn how they affect you and how  you can use the flower remedies for your exact needs and circumstances.


  • Rather than a boring lecture-type monologue, my workshop is presented in a meaningful and personal way, with lots of  anecdotes, real-life examples and hands-on practice cases to ensure that you get practical strategies and techniques on using the remedies.


  • The quickest way to learn anything is  by practising it.  After this workshop, you will take home your very own personalized Bach Flower mix.


  • You get a specially designed workbook with a section for recording your results. As you record your results, you consolidate your theoretical knowledge with your own experience.


  • My workshop is suitable even for beginners. You only need to be above 16 years of age and have a good working knowledge of English.


  • Special discounted price for the whole kit of 38 Bach Flower Remedies.


Normal price for this value-packed workshop is S$599. I want to reward fast action takers, so I am giving a discount of S$100, so you pay only S$499.

Join me at my next available workshop. Call me at +65 90478830 or email info {at} – please replace the {at} with @ now.

It is my sincere wish that every single one of us leads a life filled with positivity, confidence, happiness, abundance, inner calm and peace. I truly believe that learning and using the Bach Flower Remedies will help people achieve just that.

Come and join my workshop. You will be so glad you did! See you there.

To your successful, stress-free life

Vimala Murali

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