What my happy clients say…

“I found Vimala to be sincerely interested in helping me achieving my goals but also in my growth as a person.  She was able to quickly and deeply understand my issues even if I could not articulate them well, make useful suggestions on what and how I could change but without imposing her views, all the while encouraging me to dream big yet find practical, workable ways of realizing the dreams.

Vimala helped me to understand my thinking patterns and how I sometimes sabotaged my own efforts. With her coaching, I got clarity and direction on what I really want in my personal and professional life.

I let go of confused thinking, feeling overwhelmed most of the time and have learned to prioritize and focus on the 1 or 2 tasks that give me the greatest positive effect. I am also managing my time much better, planning my time monthly, weekly and daily for optimum results. I am more systematic, organised and goal-oriented.

In just a few short months, I have achieved 65 to 80% on 3 goals that I set out to achieve (goals which I had not achieved on my own for quite some time).

If you are ready to start thinking big, start achieving your goals and take your personal or professional life to a whole new level with the support, encouragement and empathy of a coach, Vimala is the person to go to.”

Ang Tiat Leong

Tiat Leong

~~~~~  Ang Tiat Leong, Singapore, 17 March 2011

“In the very first session, Vimala helped me get really clear on what I wanted to achieve in my professional and personal life.

With her coaching, I connected with my goals, dreams and passions. I got clarity and direction on how to achieve them and went ahead to achieve about 70% of my goals in just 3 months (Goals that I had not achieved on my own for many many years). She held me accountable at every stage, yet showed empathy and understanding rather than “push” me.

More importantly, Vimala helped me to create deep shifts in my thinking and awaken to my true potential. I have become more open, relaxed and confident, more flexible in my thinking and accommodating of others’ views. I am also managing my time a whole lot better – I found an additional 2 hours per day which I am now using to develop my business as well as pursue my creative interests. I am actually enjoying the changes.

Vimala offers a free trial session which is a great way to “test” her out.

I would highly recommend Vimala as a coach to anyone who is ready to start achieving their goals and want to be supported and cheered on by an empathetic, big thinking coach.”

Audio Testimonial-Mathivanan

~~~~~ A. Mathivanan, Singapore, 14 March 2011

“Dear Dr. Vimala.

You have made such a difference to my life. It must have been in God’s divine plan for me to meet you at a point when I was so lost and confused.

You have been such a wonderful coach and certainly are a wonderful human being. Through the coaching sessions, you have helped me cross many obstacles, many of which were caused by my own fears. Your way of making me break down goals into simple achievable tasks is fantastic.

Every time I left your office, I was clearer in my mind and charged up. I think I have made good progress in the goals I initially set. It would have been impossible without your guidance and encouragement. I do feel I am a completely different person and I even feel I’m ready to do more things I’ve never done.

May God bless you and keep you well.”

~~~~~ Hasina M, Singapore, 13 February 2012

Dear Coach Vimala,

I want to thank you for your guidance, support and patience. Every coaching session with you was an eye opener.

When I first started my coaching session with you, I had many things I wanted to accomplish but felt caught up and unable to focus.  The coaching sessions with you helped me to prioritize and stay on track. After every session with you I left in high spirits, confident and more energized.

You encouraged me and always made me look at things on a brighter side. Thank you for your constant emails and sms to remind me to get things done. The reminders were a great help for me to stay on track.

The coaching sessions made me realise that I am capable of achieving my goals. I will always remember you saying “SOAR HIGH”.

I was involved in the workshop on “Envision Your Way To Success” for teenagers and youth.  You are an inspiring and motivating speaker and made the workshop fun and interactive.

Once again thank you for all that you did and making me realise all that I can do and be.

~~~~~ Mohana A, Singapore, 8 April 2012


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What my thrilled course participants say…

“I was one of the students who was very impressed with the way you taught”.

~~~ Ito Toshie, Homemaker

“The course leader is a teacher with lot of enthusiasm and gives lot of examples in addition to a strong emphasis on the basics…… She truly is a teacher that brings out the core of the subject and transfers that to the student aiding in an important way the making of a good healer.”

~~~ Anjali C, Homemaker

“Having studied Osteopathy in London , and since then becoming a mother twice over, it has been a wonderful experience to have found the opportunity to study … here in Singapore . The classes have been both rewarding and motivating, and the course leader’s enthusiasm has made returning to study once again, a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”

~~~ Nadia F, Osteopath

“Vimala…….is a wonderful teacher who speaks with passion. Her classes were very lively which included references to real-life anecdotes. The topics were delivered with such an ease that develops an interest in the participants to learn more about them.”

~~~ Madhavi B, Homemaker

“The classes were fun and engaging. The topics were taught with useful reference to real life situations as provided by students. Feedback on queries from students was prompt. The topic .. was well taught and researched with useful links to further reading materials.”

~~~ Gurmeet K, Lawyer

I have enjoyed being in the classes. The lessons are interactive and fun. The course leader has an engaging and warm teaching style.”

~~~ Margaret C, Enrichment Programs Facilitator

I thoroughly enjoyed the .. classes with Vimala.  Her energy and faith in the (Bach Flower) remedies was contagious. The case studies made the classes a whole lot more interesting and relevant.  She was also able to integrate her clinical experience and her knowledge of other alternative therapies well into the lessons.  Looking forward to many more lessons with her and to be continually inspired by her.”

~~~ Jayshri D, Tutor

“Vimala is …a wonderful teacher. She is an inspiration to all of us who have left studies ages ago. She makes each topic so alive that we can easily remember what we learnt. I consider it a privilege to have a teacher as wonderful as Vimala and I hope she will continue to share her knowledge with us.”

~~~ Meenu, Business owner (and an excellent cook)

You are very inspiring and full of energy. For Bach Flower Remedies you had painted such a realistic picture of each remedy that it has stuck in our minds .You are very thorough in your work and also like to clear all doubts before you move on (to the next topic). It was a pleasure attending your classes.”

~~~ Nandini S, Homemaker

”The …. course that I have completed didn’t seem just an “introductory course” to me because you have gone so much above and beyond to “transfer” your knowledge to us. I was amazed by your passion for this course and I have gained good understanding through all the relevant case studies provided by you. It was a very useful, wonderful and practical course to me because I believe it can certainly help me to live a better quality life as the remedies help me to be more aware about my negative thoughts and feelings like worries and fear and etc. Thousand thanks to you!”

~~~ Katherine K, Homemaker

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